The Postie Bike was mentioned by Vic H in last week’s View From The Cab but Tachoblog had to confess that we’d not heard of it before.

So we asked Vic if he’d illuminate us further about the bike that he called ‘the famous Honda Postie Bike’.  Here’s a picture of one – although this one’s from Australia not New Zealand.

Postie Bike in Australia 427x285

Of course, Vic being Vic, he was kind enough to get in touch and explain…

The “Postie Bike” is the Honda CT-110, used in NZ and Australia by posties for delivering mail.

It has been the biggest selling motor vehicle in the world, so far over 35 million of them have been made.

Now click below for more on the Postie Bike…

It is a step-through 4-cylinder bike of 90 or 110cc, with a 4-speed gearbox and centrifugal clutch and is also available with an auxiliary 2-speed gearbox.

They are also used by madmen in all sorts of competitions, there is an annual Postie Bike endurance race of about 4000km through the Australian outback and a similar sort of thing here.

People have ridden them the length of Africa, through Siberia and just about everywhere else you can think of.

They are also used in modified form for racing here.

Postie Bike Racer 427x320

Great Machines!