It’s been a while since we last caught up with Will Shiers, the editor of Truck & Driver, and the 2002 Scania 124 420 that he’s pimping in aid of Help For Heroes.

The last we told you was that the planned pimped truck would look something like this.


Well, it’s all changed now and now, the finished truck will look something like this…

Pimp 1

…and Will’s got some big names on board to help him too.

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Incredible as it might sound, by converting the truck to a massive ‘pick up’ it can be driven on a normal UK car licence (as the 5th wheel has been removed.

Will’s been lucky with getting help too.  Coles Customs are on board and they really know their onions, take a look at their super smart Scania T-Cab.

Pimp 2

And if you like that then have a look inside too.

Pimp 3

As well as providing advice, Coles have kindly agreed to supply and fit one of their own 4-series bumpers -  at about £1000 it’s a significant contribution – as well as an integrated light bar too, which is set flush in the grille.  You can see what we mean below.

Pimp 4

Alongside Coles, Tyretracks are up for the project too as is the legendary air-brusher Matt who’s created paint jobs like these.

Pimp 5

Pimp 6

So at the moment, it’s all looking good for Will and his pimping.  Tachoblog will keep you updated on progress.

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