Tachoblog has had the pleasure of meeting Nikki King several times and always knew she was something special, so it’s good to see that Staffordshire University agree with us and have awarded her an honorary Doctorate in recognition of her vision and leadership and, in particular, her focus on customer service and care.

Nikki King Doctorate LR A 0710 427x284Nikki was one of several inspirational figures from the business world to be honoured as part of Staffordshire University’s 2010 Awards Ceremonies.

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Alongside national and international high achievers such as TV’s Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meadon, Eden Project Founder Tim Smit and the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Nikki King became an honorary Doctor of Staffordshire University.

During the ceremony, Professor Susan Foreman, Dean of the University’s Business School paid tribute to Nikki King’s “determination and fortitude” and her reputation as a “no-nonsense, straight-talking, business woman.”

She added, “The award of honorary Doctor of Staffordshire University was bestowed upon Nikki in recognition of her vision and leadership and, in particular, her focus on customer service and care. She is an outstanding role model for all business people and in particular women in management.”

Nikki King received her Doctorate during the university’s week-long graduation ceremony programme, where over 3000 graduates in total received their final degrees.

Nikki King Doctorate LR B 0710 212x320
After receiving her Doctorate, Nikki King told Tachoblog, “I am so very honoured to receive this accolade and I promise that I will support this university to the best of my ability in the years to come. If winning such a wonderful award can persuade just one woman that she is not consigned to the corporate dustbin if you take a career break, then I will feel I have achieved my goal.”

With customer service and care being clearly recognised with this Doctorate, Nikki took the opportunity to encourage the successful graduates to develop their interpersonal skills, saying, “the customer is vital to every business and in the modern world of increased automated communication; the human touch with regular contact should never be overlooked.”

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