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New From Volvo – Volvo Truck Finder App


With the release of the new Volvo truck finder app, it is even easier to find the perfect used Volvo truck.

iPad 3Buying a used Volvo truck from an authorized dealer is always a sound investment since it receives the same support and service as a new truck.

The new Volvo truck finder app is an extension of Volvo Trucks’ truck finder website, allowing users to locate used trucks from across the globe.

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Using the search function, trucks can be sorted by make, model, chassis and location, as well as a host of other parameters.

Once a potential truck has been found, users can browse photos as well as full details and specifications including mileage, engine output and full descriptions of the vehicle’s chassis, cab and powertrain. The app also includes phone and email contacts for the dealership and a function to locate the dealer and receive instructions for driving there.

“There is growing demand in the market for easier ways of finding used trucks, and the Volvo truck finder app is probably the smartest way yet,” Michael Jönsson, System Application manager, Volvo Trucks, told Tachoblog.

“This new app means people can now search for vehicles from mobile devices and call the dealership right there and then.”

The Volvo truck finder app is available as a free download from the Apple App store and Google Play.

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