Have a look at this picture of the vehicle graveyard in Oranjemund, Namibia.

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According to the Artificial Owl website (where you can find loads of pictures of ‘the most fascinating abandoned man-made creations’), the graveyard is part of a mine owned by De Beers and is reputed to have the largest private earthmoving fleet in the world.

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Here’s another shot of the rotting vehicles andthis one’s a tank.


Now why on earth would a diamond mine be using a tank?  Well, apparently, after World War II, the  miners of Oranjemund used surplus tanks to bulldoze sand.

According to Artificial Owl (well worth a look says Tachoblog), once a machine has been used for diamond harvesting in the De beers mine, it won’t leave the mine anymore, even after it’s obsolete and machines of any types have been piling up in the graveyard since the 1900′s.  Why?  The reason seems to be that people could find diamonds trapped in those old machines, but why De Beers simply don’t dismantle their old kit once they’re done with it is another question…

The graveyard is huge as this arieal shot shows.


And that’s only some of it, here’s another shot from further north.


If you like this kind of thing, then use the link earlier in this post to get to Artificial Owl and let Tachoblog know your favourites.