Those of you that, like Tachoblog, were wondering what the vehicle was at the centre of this View by Vic H (from Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 28.9.10) need wonder no more.

Picton Snow1

Tachoblog emailed Vic to ask him if he knew what it was and he’s been kind enough to let us know.  Sounds like it piqued his interest too…

Quad1 336x320

Vic says it’s ’1942 Ford CMP Blitz which has been converted to a drilling rig. What was interesting that it was there to do a drilling job as it is still in normal use and has a current registration and certificate of fitness’.

Now click below from more from Vic…

Quad2 427x282

‘It no longer has the original flat-head V8 engine and Ford gearbox; I couldn’t see enough of the engine to make out what it was, but it is an in-line 6-cylinder of some sort and it has the GMC-type 5-speed gearbox’.

Quad3 359x320

Tachoblog was grateful to Vic for the details and was about to let you all know what he’d said when we received an update from him.  Vic’s spoken to the owner and discovered that ‘this quad has a GMC engine and gearbox, a cab from a Chev quad and the rest of the running gear is a Ford quad, so she’s a bitza!’

Thanks for solving that mystery for us Vic.

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