A crane! On Tachoblog! Yes, it’s big enough, heavy enough and, most importantly, uses Tachoblog’s favourite fully automatic gearboxes, the Allison Transmission 4500 SP.

GMK6300L Grove Manitowoc lower res

Manitowoc, a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment for the construction market has selected the proven technology of fully automatic transmission specialist Allison Transmission for its new Grove GMK6300L. Set to be launched at the 2010 Bauma, the six-axle all-terrain crane with an extended boom offers more power and, thanks to the 4500 SP fully automatic transmission, outstanding manoeuvrability and driver comfort.  And that’s one of the beasts above.

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The GMK6300L is capable of lifting 300 tons and features a main boom that can extend 80 metres. For further operating distance a 37 metre boom extension is also available. The lifting capacity of 12 tons at 80m simplifies tasks such as tower crane erection, placing air conditioning units and elevator equipment on high rise buildings or chimney work.

The crane is powered by a Mercedes OM 502 LA engine seamlessly matched to the six-speed Allison fully automatic transmission 4500 SP. Power for the crane boom comes from a separate Mercedes OM 926 LA engine.

“The GMK 6300L is the only one in its class which has a fully automatic transmission offering the best driveability on site,” Michael W. Preikschas, Grove’s senior regional product manager for all-terrain cranes in EMEA told Tachoblog. “The Allison 4500 SP is a strong, reliable and cost effective drivetrain solution. Its capabilities are proven even in the most arduous conditions and the electronic controls allow it to adapt to its surroundings and provide self-diagnostics for easier maintenance. An integral retarder offers enhanced braking on hills and greater safety for the operator when moving a heavy vehicle.”
Combined with Grove’s Megatrak suspension system, the Allison transmission offers excellent manoeuvrability even in the most narrow lift conditions that face operators on construction sites. Now firmly established in the crane market for many years, Allison transmissions are equally valued by crane operators and drivers thanks also to their high reliability and ease of use.

The latest crane continues an extensive partnership between Grove and Allison; Grove offers Allison fully automatic transmissions across its range including in the GMK5170, GMK5220, GMK6220L, GMK6300 and GMK7450 models.

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