Sadly we can’t now say that Tachoblog is ‘by Royal Appointment’ but we do have news of the latest issue of Classic And Vintage Commercials from its Editor Ted Connolly.

The Her Majesty in this case is actually the name of a classic Foden.

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Starting his email to Tachoblog, Ted asks, “Do you know how the name ERF came about?”

Do you?

You’ll have to click below to find out and also discover more about the latest issue of Classic And Vintage Commercials…

To answer his question, Ted says, “The chances are that you most certainly do – it came about when family member Edwin Richard disagreed with his kith and kin over the future of transport and he figured that diesel power was the way forward, and not steam.

“They couldn’t see eye to eye, so he left to set up the firm bearing his initials. The saga is full of anecdotes.

“For instance, the very first ERF truck, model C14, was given chassis number 63 – E R Fodens’s age. And get this, a guy called Fred Hackney bought a vehicle shortly after and told his friends that ERF stood for Ever-Ready-Freddy. Must have been some character.

“These, and many other facts relating to the Foden and ERF story, are unveiled for your delectation in Classic and Vintage Commercials in our special feature on a rather special Foden R type called Her Majesty.

“Also on offer are two new pages – Truckstop Trivia, which tests your brains, but offers no prizes (come on, what did you expect?) – and Tales from the Workshop, which features, well, tales from the workshop, of course, told by a guy who spent all his working life on the spanners.

“Then there’s the last in our series of features on transport cafés. You can expect a great deal more, but we’re not daft enough to tell you everything, otherwise you won’t buy the mag. So, off to the newsagent you go. Catch you later.”

Thanks Ted, Tachoblog will be off to the newsagent as instructed!

While we’re talking about Classic And Vintage Commercials, don’t forget that they’re kindly sponsoring our Summer Trucking competition too.

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