Mahindra and Mahindra have unveiled their new Mahindra Navistar trucks at the AutoExpo 2010 in New Delhi.

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The MN 49 and MN 40 trucks are powered by a MaxxForce 7.2 litre CRDI engine (as used in International trucks in America) which, at 260hp is the most powerful engine in its class.  260hp might not be a lot for so-called ‘advanced’ markets, but for India and the other Asian countries that the new trucks are planned to be sold in, it is quite sufficient – in fact they’re the most powerful engines in their class.

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Both the trucks are fully compliant with international safety standards and have undergone rigorous testing especially for Indian road and driving conditions.  They engines have also been modified for their latest application:

  • The Indian MAXXFORCE engines have been tailored into 4-valves per cylinder from the Brazilian design of 2 valves per cylinder.
  • The fuel injection system and turbocharger have been re-tuned to ensure best-in-class fuel efficiency. This is based on studies of how trucks are used in India where they operate at lower speeds.
  • Extended oil drain intervals.
  • The water pump and cooling systems are matched to suit harsh climatic conditions in India.

Mahindra say that ‘It is time for India, to stop settling for less’ and that their new trucks ‘challenge the accepted average standards of Indian trucks’.