Fresh(?) from a friend’s Stag Night, Jerry B makes a welcome appearance on Tachoblog from Uganda with an Only In Africa type tale that he calls ‘Through The Looking Glass’.

There’s nobody better to recount the story than Jerry himself, so we’ll let him take over and explain just why only in Africa could this happen…

‘Coming back from a stag night in a distant game park last Sunday (the less said about the stag night the better), I was wending my very weary, bleary way back to the capital, along 300kms of straight and not overly exciting road, when these broken branches laid in the road became apparent, indicating the inevitable breakdown or accident.

Charlie stag crashes and barge 011 427x320

‘The African equivalent of an emergency triangle, though not quite as good as the real thing at night’.

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‘And sure enough, there it was. I am not 100% sure what happened but it looked like the drawbar trailer parted company with its own turntable and front axle, and the Powerliner wagon then fell over in sympathy.

Charlie stag crashes and barge 012 427x320

‘It didn’t look like the driver should have suffered much, other than to his pride and probably his arse once his boss had finished kicking it, but it takes three days or so normally before it becomes pungently obvious if an unfortunate cyclist or pedestrian was in the wrong place at the wrong time…

‘And I wonder what that chap was doing in the thin, low branches of that tree?

Charlie stag crashes and barge 0122 427x277

‘Closer examination did show it to be clothes (overalls?) but I still don’t know how they got up there. Anyway, there was clearly something of value in the back of the rig that was heading towards Sudan, judging by the number of machine gun-toting thugs guarding the thing.

‘It will probably be there for a week while the owner works out the cheapest way of recovering it, and in that time a small village of women will develop around it, to feed and otherwise biologically satiate those on guarding duty…

Charlie stag crashes and barge 0121 427x306

‘Onward and upward and it didn’t take long to run down the big blue coach that was in front at the accident site.

Charlie stag crashes and barge 013 427x320

‘On the dark continent everyone loves a slogan on the back of their bus, truck or minibus taxi, so here’s a fairly typical example of the genre on the back of Mssrs Home Base United’s blue Scania , whoever they may be. Prophetic, obvious? Visionary even. Only in Africa though!’

Charlie stag crashes and barge 0131 427x249

Tachoblog’s thanks to Jerry for that, we hope he’ll send us more only in Africa tales soon.