ldv logo2Connaught, the British low carbon technology specialists, is working with representatives at LDV, the Midlands based van manufacturer, to support their desire to achieve a viable future for the company and a swift return to production.

Established in 2003 Connaught Engineering was formed with a vision of delivering Carbon Neutral Transportation and an industry focused board and management team were recruited.

The business is focussing on products that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the commercial vehicle sector, within which LDV operates.

The first product to market developed by Connaught is the patented HYBRID+ system, a KERS technology that is proven in independent tests to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 24.7% on diesel engines. A number of blue chip companies in the UK have undertaken trials of this retrofit technology.

The opportunity to fit HYBRID+ to the LDV platforms offers a unique business case for LDV, in supplementing the company’s already green credentials, with a production ready hybrid variant suitable for installation across the range.

The Connaught team consists of industry professionals with expertise and a proven track record within automotive sector, with skills ranging from product concept and styling through to production and marketing with strong links with the US. The company has introduced advisors specialising in fund raising to the administrators.

Speaking to Tachoblog Tony Martindale, Connaught CEO stated.“Through joint collaboration and government support, LDV can grow to be a jewel in the crown within the European automotive sector, once unshackled from the traditional approach to UK manufacturing, and by embracing world class low carbon technologies developed in Britain.”