If we’d posted this last Thursday you’d have been forgiven for thinking that it was an April Fool, but it isn’t Tachoblog assures you.


Yes, VW really do produce their own brand of Ketchup.  Actually there are two varieties, the new ‘Classic’ pictured above and also a Spiced Ketchup.

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Volkswagen Spiced Ketchup was born back in the 1970s, the ideal complement to Volkswagen’s world-famous curry sausage.  It has a thicker consistency than standard ketchup and a unique flavour, the recipe for which is, like that of the curry sausage itself, as closely guarded a secret as any classified automotive R&D project.

Volkswagen Classic Ketchup is a limited edition of which just 1,000 bottles will be available.

In 1997, Volkswagen began officially bottling and selling the Spiced Ketchup.  In that year, 20,000 bottles were sold.  Since then the sauce has gone from strength to strength (numerically speaking): in 2009, over 425,000 bottles were sold and in the first 10 weeks of 2010, 100,000 bottles have already been sold.  The difference between Volkswagen Spiced Ketchup and Volkswagen Classic Ketchup?  Imagine the culinary equivalent of the first and sixth generation Golf GTIs.

Now where can we buy some..?

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