Yes it has to mean that Ted Connolly, the Editor of Classic and Vintage Commercials, has once again dropped Tachoblog a line or two.

This time Ted debunks our (daft) view of the Irish and shows us a big bruiser of a Scammell too.

ireland1 418x320

The classic scene is alive and kicking in Ireland.

Take it away Ted…

“Contrary to popular belief, the Irish do not go round constantly muttering ‘begorrah’, ‘bejabbers’ and ‘bejeezus’ and spend their lives digging up spuds and supping Guinness.

“How do I know that? Well, check out the surname – there is a connection”.

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“”You see, the folk on the emerald isle have got plenty more going on than living up to the image portayed on stage and screen as the product of dopey scriptwriters’ imagination.

“And one of those things is classic vehicles. The movement is alive and kicking like heck and to prove the point, Classic and Vintage Commercials carries a feature entitled “Scene in Ireland” in the latest issue. Apart from being a fiendishly-clever play on words (scene … seen …. yeah? Oh well), it allows readers to look at some of the tinware knocking around over there. There sure is some cracking stuff.

“Back to good old blighty and there’s another piece devoted to the bonneted Scammells. You know, the ones we mean – the trucks that give you a glare and say: “You wanna mix it, boy?”

scammell2 405x320

Is there anything finer – or tougher – than a bonneted Scammell?

“They’re great, old, pure-British bruisers. And finally, the first of our special features on transport cafés has appeared and it focuses on the Ace Café, on London’s North Circular.

“There’s plenty more where that came from, so watch out for future issues. Until then, keep it classic and top o’ the marning to ye (ahem).”