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Intelligent Software From Paragon, Tachomaster – And Tachoblog!

We like good bits of Technology here at Tachoblog and the news that intelligent tachograph data added to Paragon logistics software is making it easier for transport operators to stay on the right side of the law by producing compliant, optimised routes and schedules is the kind of good technology that we like.

According to the two companies, this automatically smoothes workloads, increases use of available fleet resources, reduces waste and improves productivity while adhering to the Working Time Directive.

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The special Tachomaster interface within Paragon Resource Manager imports tachograph data direct into Paragon’s transport optimisation software. This adjusts the plan and assigns trips according to real driver availability. The software automatically produces accurate, practical schedules for each route and driver as well as ensures compliance to the Working Time Directive. This enhanced fleet resource intelligence also reduces the need for standby drivers by planning more closely to actual resource availability.

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“The ability to import accurate Tachomaster data direct into Paragon takes ‘resource managed planning’ to new levels. Transport planners can use the software to assign work evenly across their drivers, using accurate historical data imported automatically from Tachomaster. The software also ensures that workloads are achievable by assigning drivers to schedules that fit with their working time availability,” William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems told Tachoblog.


The software assesses each driver’s statistics and allocates shorter trips to those who have already worked the highest number of hours and longer journeys to those who have more working time available. As well as being fair to the workforce, this also gives transport managers the accurate resource information they need to maintain resource flexibility for coping with changing demands on their fleets.

Fleet operators who also use vehicle tracking technology can readily combine activity logs with their tachograph data using Paragon Fleet Controller. The software sends the information to the Tachomaster screen to compare tachograph information with the movements of the vehicle monitored by the tracking system.

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