Gosula Venkata Suresh from India has won the Asia Fuelwatch competition for fuel efficient driving which took place at Volvo Trucks’ global headquarters in Gothenburg in April.

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The five national champions from Indonesia and India had to complete a four-kilometre off-road circuit using as little fuel as possible. The truck used in the competition was a Volvo FMX 6×4 – the truck designed specially for construction and mining industries – with 450 hp and a total weight of 24 tonnes.

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Speaking to Tachoblog, Lars Mårtensson, Environmental Director at Volvo Trucks said, “To drive fuel efficiently you need to use the advanced technology that we have built into our trucks, however the driver also needs to use all the energy and movement of the truck to optimise fuel usage

“The Asia Fuelwatch competition which took place in 2010 has been a very successful way for promoting fuel efficient driving on-road, but off-road driving, which is common in the mining and construction industries, requires different skills and deserves its own competition”,

The winner Gosula Venkata Suresh from India had a fuel consumption which was 20 percent less then driver who finished last. The victory made Gosula Venkata Suresh who has been driving Volvo for ten years, Asia’s first off-road Fuelwatch champion.

“I’m very proud to win this competition,” Suresh told Tachoblog immediately after receiving his award. “This experience will help me to improve my driving skills to be even more fuel efficient in the future.”

Gosula Venkata Suresh proved that drivers can have a profound impact on fuel consumption, which is important from many perspectives.

“Increasing numbers of our customers in Asia are in the mining industry, which is a rapidly growing market. Fuel accounts for a large portion of their costs, and as their supplier we share a responsibility to help minimise consumption,” says Lennart Pilskog. Public Affairs at Volvo Trucks. “Competitions such as Fuelwatch also show Volvo Trucks’ strong commitment to fuel efficiency and environmental care.”

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Asia Fuelwatch competition is a part of Volvo Truck’s Fuelwatch program which purpose is to encourage maximum fuel efficiency when operating a truck or a fleet of trucks. The process begins before a truck is ordered, proceeds through the correct specification of the vehicle for its intended use, and continues for the entire operational life of the truck, including training of drivers, and measuring and monitoring tools for fleet managers.

Fuelwatch supports the customer to fully take advantage of their Volvo Trucks products and driveline, which are optimized for fuel efficiency, utilizing Genuine Volvo Service and Parts, preventive maintenance, service agreements, fleet management systems, and fuel efficiency consultancy.

The Fuelwatch program is Volvo Trucks’ approach towards environmental responsibility as well as maximizing customers’ profitability, and is part of Volvo Trucks’ broader commitment to sustainable technology and reducing carbon emissions.