You might remember that about this time last year Tachoblog had a post about a Signed Sir Michael Caine Italian Job Print that was being auctioned on eBay by Will Shiers in aid of Help For Heroes.


In fact that very post showed up in the  ‘On This Day’ section of Tachoblog’s sidebar.

Someone who spotted it was Jerry B who lives and works in Uganda.  And from there he sent us this update:

“I note the link to the Michael Caine signed Italian Job story, originally credited to Will Shiers, is still up on Tachoblog.

It is only right and proper then, at last, that the end to story be told, is it not, and possibly – hopefully – thus stimulating further, similar exercises.”

Now click below to find out what happened to the Help For Heroes signed print…

“All you journos wield considerable power with the public [not us Jerry!] and its my wholly unbiased view that you should use that power more often when the opportunity arises, to the benefit of excellent causes such as Help For Heroes, something I hold dear to my heart too.

“Anyway, off my soapbox now.

“You all know about – quote – “That Whippersnapper Shiers” managing to cajole a signed Italian Job print out of our very own ‘Don’t throw bloody spears at me’ a little while back and putting it up for silent auction for Help For Heroes.

“After a small rush of blood to the wallet, I ended up with it and, here too long, there too short, the print ended up in darkest Africa (though not Rorkes Drift, I might add).

“I was not quite sure what to do with it now I had it, but as a long-time mate (young Peter Boozer, sorry Bowser, pictured here) has a Mini problem (yes, a Mini in Africa; idiot? – in my view, yes) and is also as English as a pint of London Pride, it might be better in his possession.

“So to help his wife out buying a relevant birthday present for the man who has everything, including a Mini, I passed the print on to her.


“And now it hangs in pride of place in his office in Kampala, complemented by a later generation copy of the real thing in the carpark. Now, be honest, which of you, including Lord Shiers and Sir Michael, would have guessed that’s how it would all end up? You couldn’t have made it up, could you.”


Thanks for the update Jerry and, yes you’re right, you couldn’t have made it up!