A  few weeks ago, Tachoblog poasted an item called Oversize And Heavy In Australia.

The second video in that post was about Heavy Haulage Australia (HHA) which generated some feedback and emails from readers, so we’re pleased to bring you some more footage of HHA.

First of all we have a walk through of the Heavy Haulage Australia trucks that were put together for the Brisbane Lights on the Hill Convoy.  It took some three days of polishing to get these trucks looking as good as they did.  The Five trucks that HHA had on show were a 1989 Mack Super Liner 525hp V8 Counterweight Truck called Mini Me, a 1988 Mack Super Liner With a 66″ Sleeper and a V8 525hp engine this truck is called the Loneranger, a 2007 Western Star 6900 called High Roller, a 1999 Kenworth T950 and a 1996 Kenworth T900 tipper.

Next we have the aforementioned Loneranger heading up the Toowoomba Range towing a 2×8 Dolly and a 5×8 Swing Wing Low Loader – A Total Gross Weight approx 38 tonne.

And finally, a promotional video showing the HHA in action.