Last week we reported on Guy Loveridge’s purchase of a 1958 Guy Vixen.  Well Guy’s now seen the Guy and is getting things moving.

IMG 99192 427x284

He’s sent Tachoblog an update, pictures, news on a swap required and a shot of some of the technical manuals he’s selling to help fund the Guy’s restoration.  We’ll let him pick up the story…

“I went to see the Vixen today, for the first time since agreeing to buy her. Still pleased and enthusiastic.

“The news is, the back, 4th, cylinder has no compression, but it will turn over on the starter motor, so it’s free! It has a couple of period manuals with it.  So we will be able to pass those onto the restorer so they can see what’s what.

IMG 99212 427x284

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“I still feel the real work is going to be in the mechanicals, and the rest is cosmetics – what rust is there seems to be surface an dsuperficial, with nothing ACTUALLY missing!

“She needs a GUY Mascot, as the one I had here at the house is too big! The thread on it is too large, boo! BUT, if anyone has a threaded cap GUY mascot which they know to be Vixen, I’ll happily swap it for mine!”

Here is the Mascot – held by Guy’s son George looking ‘suitably chuffed’.

IMG 99372

And here’s a close-up of it – minus George this time.

IMG 99512

Those of you that read Tachoblog’s first post on Guy’s Vixen will remember that Guy is helping to fund the restoration by selling ‘a lot of technical manuals etc for commercial vehicles, going back to the 1930′s’.

The manuals are all from the AA Technical Library and thus never been in a work shop, so are in almost as new condition.

If you want one, they’re £50 each – Guy can send you a list of the ones he has – and for your money you get not only the manual, but also a ‘certificate, and champagne on Brighton Sea-Front when we make it in May 2012!!’.

This is a small selection (less than 10% according to Guy).

IMG 99472

So if you want a manual, get in touch with Tachoblog and we’ll pass your enquiry onto Guy.