You might remember that we reported on Guy’s 1958 GUY Vixen back in March.


If you didn’t then you’ll want to read ‘Guy’s Bought A Classic Truck – A 1958 GUY Vixen Of Course Says Tachoblog!‘ and ‘Guy’s 1958 GUY Vixen – Now The Work Begins Says Tachoblog‘.

Well Guy promised to keep us up to date with any new on his Guy Vixen and so last week he sent us news that it has a sister and that he’s learnt about its working life too.

Graham Hayhurst got in touch with Guy saying, ‘Having seen the articles about your Guy Vixen, I have the sister to it but mine is 1946.

‘Both yours and mine were new to Lunesdale Farmers in Lancashire. The original registration of mine was GTD 75 which we have since removed but still own.

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‘I have owned the vehicle for 40 years and kept it in original condition apart from the new flat bed I made, but it is taxed and used once a year, last year to go on show at our local agricultural show.

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‘Both Guys were owned by Lunesdale Farmers Ltd who were taken over by Pyes Corn merchants of Lancaster who were on the quay in Lancaster who were then taken over by Carrs Billington Agriculture.

‘There were either 3 or 4 vehicles used for delivering Hessian sacks to local farmers in the Lune Valley. I think they ran out of a depot in Lancaster next to what is now the bus station, the building is still there but has been converted. The corn was milled on the quay. ‘The old time local farmers can remember them from seeing my Guy at Garstang show’.

How Graham got his Guy Vixen is an interesting tale too…

‘I had someone living in a caravan on my land who told me he had to move some scrap from an old stone building in Lancaster. In the corner there was an old vehicle that I should look at.

‘At the time I had various old vehicles, a 1950 Foden 2 stroke 8 wheeler which had taken me 2 years to restore. Numerous Bedford’s OBs, a Thorneycroft 8 wheeler, and other parts etc which I sold in 1983 but kept the Guy as it was a small and rare wagon.

‘I got the vehicle started in the barn at Lancaster with very little effort, Battery, petrol, plugs points etc and drove it the 10 miles home.

‘Couldn’t manage the gear box at first! It has been parked up at home(in a Barn) for nearly 40 years and we decided one sunny day to get it out and steam clean all the dust it had collected off. I put 2 new tyres on the front and it took half a day for me and the wife to get it running!

‘It is now back in the barn! The Speedo reads 23000 miles, which I think is genuine’.

060 427x284

So now Guy knows that his Guy Vixen has a sister, and he’s about to start researching into his one’s history a little more.

And the truck itself ?

“She is moving over to Huddersfield for the restoration to get under way soon, probably this month”, says Guy.

Tachoblog will keep you posted.