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Greener DAF XF105 – From, Err, Well DAF Says Tachoblog

Not wanting to miss out, DAF are continuing the environmental theme we started with Iveco earlier today with news that a Limited Edition DAF XF105 model has been released, providing buyers with the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly DAF tractor unit ever made.

Built at the Leyland Trucks plant in Lancashire, the new Limited Edition models, also available on CF model range, mark an evolutionary change in DAF’s progress in delivering cleaner and more fuel-efficient trucks.

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Available with the ultra-frugal Euro-5 PACCAR 12.9-litre MX engine, producing 460hp and certified to EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) standard, these special models provide enhanced fuel economy and lower running costs as well as being greener, thanks to a range of transport solutions for DAF vehicles collectively known as Advanced Transport Efficiency (ATe).

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ATe features Engine Idle Shutdown, which automatically switches the engine off after five minutes idling time thereby preventing unnecessary waste of fuel and emissions.

In addition the speed limiter can be factory specified at 85 km/h instead of 89 km/h to help reduce overall fuel consumption.

Enhanced fuel economy information is shown on the driver’s information panel in the dash, helping drivers to get the best from the vehicle by encouraging an economical driving style.

Also part of DAF ATe are recent enhancements to the MX engine to further improve efficiency and fuel economy.

A number of changes have been made to the 12.9-litre engine at ratings up to and including 460hp; optimising the combustion process, reducing mechanical losses (internal engine friction; inertia energy) and reducing thermal losses (less waste heat).

These changes all help to make the MX even more fuel efficient.

It is not purely about mechanical enhancements, because the Limited Edition comes with a host of additional features.

Distinctive in Ice White, the spacious and beautifully finished DAF XF105 Super Space Cab has been enhanced with a high specification that includes refrigerator, microwave, Xtra comfort mattress and Skylights.

Further features include the MX engine brake, which enhances the braking system and reduces wear and tear, along with a 12-speed AS Tronic automated manual gearbox.

The 6×2 tractor units also include a 525-litre aluminium fuel tank and sliding fifth wheel, with Alcoa Durabrite aluminium wheels completing the picture.

The DAF dealer network is ready with Limited Edition models for demonstration drives and assessment.

These vehicles have been custom ordered to reflect the wide range of configuration options available to those who want to further enhance their trucks.

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