Ashwoods  has been selected as the low carbon van supplier for the Department for Transport (DfT) run Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme (LCVPP).

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Ashwoods technologies have been acknowledged as the best solution by fleet managers, particularly given the current economic climate, as they look to make significant CO2 and fuel cost savings across their commercial vehicle fleets, without any operational disruption.

The Ashwoods Hybrid Drive system can be installed on both petrol and diesel vans. It is a kinetic energy recovery system that stores the wasted energy produced by vehicles during braking and re-uses it to assist the engine when it is at its least efficient. This results in the engine using significantly less fuel and therefore producing less CO2. Installation takes less than 3 hours and requires no modification to the vehicle, no holes drilled or wires cut which means that tthe vehicle warranty and residual value are unaffected.

Ashwoods managing director, Mark Roberts, told Tachoblog, “‘Being selected by the Department for Transport is fantastic news for Ashwoods, especially in the face of established competition. We now have a great opportunity to showcase our hybrid technologies within the UK’s leading commercial fleets, and we look forward to a successful relationship with both the DfT and Cenex. This is also a fitting reward for the Ashwoods engineering team who have worked tirelessly to develop our award winning range of hybrid technologies. Participation in the LCVPP firmly establishes Ashwoods as a leading supplier of hybrid vans and retro-fit hybrid systems for the commercial fleet market ”

Speaking to Tachoblog, Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis said, “Greener cars tend to grab all the headlines but emissions from vans have risen by around 40% since 1990.  This is something we need to address as part of our carbon reduction strategy for transport.

“Electric and lower carbon vans have the potential to significantly reduce emissions so it is important that we test these new technologies in real world conditions.  This new DfT programme enables the public sector to lead by example and I am delighted to see that a number of emerging UK companies have been successful in securing these contracts.”

The vans will be used by six local authority groups:

  • Liverpool City Council
  • Leeds City Council
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Newcastle & Gateshead City Council
  • Coventry Low Carbon Fleet Partnership
  • Consortium of Central London councils

and six large public fleets:

  • Government Car & Despatch Agency
  • Environment Agency
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Royal Mail
  • Transport for London
  • Metropolitan Police