Now here’s a nice looking truck, be nice to have one of these for free wouldn’t it…


Let’s have another look from a different angle.


Now click below and Tachoblog will give you one of your very own for absolutely nothing!

Now, don’t worry if the Haworth truck isn’t what you want, we’ve got lots of different ones to give away.

But first, for the catch.  If you want one of these trucks then we’ll supply you with the components, you’ve just got to build it yourself.  Don’t worry, all you’ll need is some scisors to  cut it out (use the blunt edge of a kitchen knife to make the fold lines more pronounced) and some glue to stick it together!  Yes, you guessed it, we’re giving away paper trucks.  For those of you that want the wonderful Haworth pictured above, you’ll need one of these for  the tractor (anyone know what it is?).

2002 1

And one of these for the trailer.

2002 2

Actually, we recommend that you visit Steve Ulstad’s website where you can download full size (that’s model full size of course!) images that you can then print onto stiff paper.  If the Haworth truck isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of others to choose from including this 1986 model.


Now for UK Truck Fans, thanks to the brilliant Biglorryblog – who incidentally gave Tachoblog the idea for this post – we’ve been tipped off about the ‘paper models’ section of the DAF Experience at where you can print out the design for a DAF XF105…

modelpapertruck thumb 448x324 60221

Complete with its trailer.

trailerpaper thumb 448x322 60223

And on the same page, you can also download the designs for an XF95,  CF or LF too!  There’s even a design for a classic A2000 from 1959.  What are you waiting for!  And if anyone’s got any links to any other great paper model designs then please let Tachoblog know.