From the website of the Charles Feijten Group, an Iveco, Fiat and Isuzu dealership in Holland, Tachoblog has found this design sketch for what might be a future Iveco Stralis.


Other than that we know nothing, so if anybody can shed any light on this image, please let Tachoblog know.

Now, click below for a great promotional video for the Iveco Strator…

For those of you that don’t know, the Iveco Strator is a bonneted version of the popular Stralis, which is built under license from Iveco by the Charles Feijts Groep and launched as a European alternative to the Iveco PowerStar, which was previously the only bonneted Iveco heavy truck sold in the world, and a popular model in its Australian home market.

Available for sale across Europe exclusively by CFG, in either left or right-hand drive, the Strator is supported by the same comprehensive Iveco warranty as a regular Stralis and can be serviced by any franchised Iveco dealer.

The Strator is currently the only bonneted heavy truck for sale by any manufacturer in Europe and can be specified as either a rigid or tractor unit, with the rigid line-up including a 4×2, 6×2, 6×2 rear-steer and a 6×4 chassis in a variety of wheelbase lengths.  As a tractor unit it can be ordered as a 4×2 (with optional hub reduction axles), 6×2 mid-lift, 6×2 twin-steer or as a 6×4.

Customers can also choose between three cab variants which follow the same principal choices as the Stralis, with the ADN cab (Active Day), which is aimed at short-haul distribution markets for rigid and tractor applications and ATN (Active Time) models, for distribution and fleet operations as well as medium to long-haul domestic missions.  There is a range-topping ASN (Active Space) cab, with either a low or high roof, which features a wide and spacious living area and is specifically for the long-haul and international haulage sectors.

All models are supplied with Euro 5 Cursor engines driven through an automated EuroTronic gearbox, as standard.  Operators have the choice of the 10.3 litre Cursor 10 engine, rated to either 420 or 450 hp, or the larger 12.9 litre Cursor 13 engine, with power options of 500 or 560 hp.

But enough of the words, have  a look at one of these beauties…