Tachoblog has teamed up with TheNose100 to launch a photo competition called Frosty Fenders – we’ve been trying to think of a UK name using Bonnets but can’t yet!

The idea follows on from TheNose100′s Backdoor View Of Trucking and is simple and open to all truck (and van) drivers.

frostyfenders 427x320

We’ll let TheNose100 explain…

This is a group of photo’s of trucker’s winter ice build up and snow build up on their trucks. Snow and Ice are troublesome, might as well try to make the best of it with some photo’s.

Now click below for the rules and how to enter…

The Rules are simple. Just post a picture of your truck all frosty and frozen.

1: Must be a picture of YOUR truck.
2: Picture must have been taken this year.
3: More then one submission IS allowed. It’s welcomed. Encouraged!
4: Don’t be a Jerk and vote for yourself with multiple accounts.
5: This is meant to be fun, and I hope that it will give us truckers something good to show to the rest of the world, that we’re not just some faceless jerks in a tractor.

So, you’ve got a picture, all you need to do now is submit it to the Frosty Fenders group on Facebook.  While you’re there don’t forget to ‘like’ any of the other entries that you like.

If you’re not a driver then you are, of course, welcome to visit the group page and ‘like’ the pictures too.

The closing date for entries and voting is 19th March 2011, at that point the winner(s) will be announced and we’ll hopefully have some prizes to give out too.

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