Regular readers will know that over on Facebook, LakewoodLoon has organsied a photo competition called Frosty Fenders.

Well, the winner of this year’s award was announced at a (ahem) glitsy online ceremony over the weekend.

DriverGeoff4 427x320

This isn’t the winning picture, but the one that took the runners-up spot and it was taken by DriverGeoff.

Tachoblog can now reveal that the winner was…

Well, you’ll have to click below to find out!

And this is the one that clinched it…

SeanSutherland 427x320The truck and picture are those of Sean Sutherland.

And here is Sean’s official ‘badge’ of destinction.

SeanSutherlandWinner 427x286

So a well done to DriverGeoff and Sean for their pictures.

Tachoblog wasn’t able to get as heavily involved with the competition as we wanted to, so our congratualtions and round of applause to LakewoodLoon for holding it all together.

Will there be another Frosty Fenders when winter comes around this year?  Tachoblog doesn’t know, but we hope so.

For those of you that didn’t get to see them, here are all the entries:

Frosty Fenders – The Entries