Tachoblog’s delighted to bring you this Frosty Fenders post straight from LakewoodLoon who started and ran the whole thing…

Hello Tachoblog Readers!

First, I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the Frosty Fenders event! From All Corners of the Globe!  Wow!!

frostyfenders 427x3201

Oh! RandyNose AKA, TheNose100, AKA LakewoodLoon, Here!  – I had hoped to have had this submitted to Tachoblog sooner, but I got wrangled into working last weekend, and this weekend too.  But enough with my excuses, I’ve got some pictures to share.

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Since a good part of the online Truckers that I know are on Facebook, and Twitter, have cameras and play around with Tech Gadgets to entertain themselves and the people they know.  I thought that we’d have the contest on Facebook, and the driver that had the most [LIKES] would be the winner. Here’s a link to all the pictures, and if you’re not part of the group, just ask to join, and someone who’s part of the group will let you.  We had about 65 pictures submitted, and 67 members at the moment.

I came up with the Frosty Fenders idea as a way to pass away some of the winterly months, it was inspired by the Holiday Hiney’s, no, no, no,  Hiney Holidaze. That consisted of grabbing shots of drivers rear ends, well, not THEIRS. Their trucks. You can read more about that  over here on this post.

Here’s the screen shot of all of the pictures, just in case you can’t get to facebook.

Frosty Fenders1As you can see, there’s plenty of icy trucks pics. We had a drivers from the UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, and the US. – Sadly Australia is in their summer season, and couldn’t get iced up with the rest of us.  It was great. I’d hope to have more if I can get this event on track and rolling better next year. – I’d love to see some #VFTC shots from Russia. I’m so glad that the Cold War is over. icon smile   I think that Russia has some really neat people and things. Japanese truckers and Cab Shots would be also really awesome.

I’d still like to mention some of the other drivers and their participation in the event. None of this would have happened without your involvement.

Joe Ruppel started the event off with is picture in Oregon, on Hwy 84. Much appreciated Joe!

Frosty Fenders 2 312x320

We got a totally Chillin’ Chicken on a truck, From Richard Goon.

Frosty Fenders 3 427x320

Gordie Boy shows us some of what he has to deal with in Austria.

Frosty Fenders 4

Andreas Dollfuss shows us just how much snow builds up on his mud flaps on his tanker, in Germany.

Frosty Fenders 5 427x320

Barry Helveston was having some fun with the snowflakes in Brockton, Mass.

Frosty Fenders 6 427x320

Tachoblog posted for someone else. This is not Tachoblog’s entry but from Martin Phippard who can’t post direct himself. – I say that’s a lot of snow on that truck too!

Frosty Fenders 7 427x283

Tachoblog thought that since we were getting some Pickup Truck pictures we ought to have a section for them too.  So rather then tell some of these crazy pickup truck drivers to go take long drive off a short Pier, we included them in the contest. Sean submitted a P/U shot, and I didn’t think it’d be fair if he won that one too.

So here’s Brian Paul Hodson’s pick ‘em up truck.

Frosty Fenders 8 427x320

And  now…. the Runner UP… Geoff Bahner’s truck… He’s a Bed Bugger that travels the Lower 48 and Hawaii. Well, Ok, he’d like to drive the load to Hawaii.

Frosty Fenders 9 427x320

And now…  Drum Roll…

Sean Sutherland! The Winner.

Frosty Fenders 10 427x320

Hmm.. I think there’s something wrong with this picture, tho’…

Frosty Fenders 11 427x287

Ahh… There we go. That looks a little more frosty.

Again, Thanks everyone!

- Now to let you resume back to your normal #VFTC viewing…


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