Frosty Fenders 2010 was a great success – not really thanks to Tachoblog but to LakewoodLoon who organised (and ran it) but, perhaps, most of all down to all the driver’s that sent in their pictures.

Frosty Fenders 10 427x3201

If you’re wondering what Tachoblog’s on about, or want to see how it all turned out, then LakewoodLoon kindly wrote a guest post for us when the Frosty Fenders 2010 winner was announced.

Sean Sutherland who won the competition with the picture you can see above received his prize – again thanks to LakewoodLoon – and kindly produced this clip.

One thing that Tachoblog didn’t know but probably shoyuld have done is that Sean’s picture was taken after his ‘accident on the ice roads’.

Now this video has generated quite a lot of interest in Frosty Fenders with lots of new people joining the Facebook group which you can do too if you click on any of the Frosty Fenders links within this post.

All this interest has got Tachoblog thinking…(yes it does happen occasionally)…whilst there WILL have to be Frosty Fenders 2011, the winter’s too long to wait so we’ll be dreaming up a new competition.  Yes, it’ll be truck based of course but something sunnier.

We’ll let you know what we come up with…