Steve Williams – the Oracle of all things compliance – from TruckUK has sent this timely reminder to UK readers that at 2.00am British Summer Time (1.00 am Greenwich Mean Time) on this coming Sunday, 25th October 2009, the clocks will move back by an hour, as civil time moves from British Summer Time (BST) back into line with Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC as digital tachograph users have become accustomed to calling it.


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As we are all now ruled from Brussels you will not be surprised to know that the Ninth European Parliament and Council Directive on Summer Time Arrangements states that summer (or daylight saving) time will be kept between the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. Therefore, the changes will take place at 01.00 GMT.

Analogue tachographs should be reset this weekend, to ensure compliance with drivers’ hours record keeping.  Digital tachographs are not affected, although the local time setting can be manually changed.