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A Foden Blast From The Past – From Vic H To Tachoblog To You

Yesterday Vic H sent Tachoblog an email about a Foden S21 he used to drive and something that happened to him.

We liked it so we asked Vic whether he had a picture of the Foden in question.

Well, Vic being Vic of course he did.  In fact he sent us more than we asked for and Tachoblog’s very grateful for that.  We’ll let him take up the story…

Foden at Mobil 1962 3 427x320

“Many years ago (1965 – 1972) I used to drive fuel tankers for Mobil Oil and the first one I drove was this very handsome Foden. Well, I thought it was at the time and actually I still do. It was a proper Foden, with an S21 fibreglass cab, Foden’s own 2-stroke engine and the famous Foden 12-speed epicyclic gearbox. It sounded great!

Foden 1 427x217

Now click below for more, including what happened to Vic on one day he was driving the Foden…

“Occasionally when the Foden was in the workshop I had to drive this Leyland Beaver which had a maximum speed of 33 mph.

2207 Leyland at Auck 1963 1 427x294

“or this AEC Mammoth Major Mk 5 which was an excellent truck, normally driven by Les Greer who sent me the newspaper clipping below.

New AEC about 1966 1 427x320

“Then the Foden was replaced by an Atkinson with a Cummins 250 engine; I couldn’t believe the amount of power it had after the 150 bhp Foden. The UK-built fibreglass cabs on these Atkinsons didn’t stand up to NZ road conditions at all well

Atki 2718 in 1970 1 427x285

“and were soon replaced by NZ-built cabs which were far better.

NZ Atki 1 427x320

“Why am I delving into ancient history? Well, last night I received an email from Les Greer, an old Mobil driver whom I haven’t seen for about 40 years with this newspaper clipping attached.

“I had never seen the clipping before and had completely forgotten about the incident until last night. I don’t even remember the photo being taken, but it is certainly me sitting in the old Foden.”

Vic in the 60s1So there you are, a great story from quite a while ago.

Tachoblog’s thanks to Vic H for sharing it with us.

Posted by on November 9, 2011.

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  1. I omitted to mention that all the photos except the B & W one of the Foden are from Les Greer’s collection. Thanks Les!

    by Vic H on Nov 9, 2011 at 19:01

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