Yes, Tachoblog’s back! One day later than we wanted but our ‘proper’ job got in the way yesterday.

Anyway, today we start with a great offer from Don Jacobson, one of the authors of the excellent Roadcookin’ book. That reminds Tachoblog, it’s high time that we asked Don for another recipe…

Roadcookin Book Cover

For those that don’t know, Roadcookin’ is the must-have reference guide to healthy eating and healthy life-style! The advice and information from Don and Pam is a true gift to the trucking industry. This is your road map to a better life and a more successful career. Every road kitchen should have Roadcookin’!

For anyone who lives on the road week after week hauling freight for a living, Roadcookin’ is an easy-to-follow plan toward a more healthy over the road lifestyle.

Filled with witty banter, Sirius/XM regulars Don Jacobson and Pam Whitfield discuss ways to address health issues like weight, heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes through nutritional changes. Readers will discover:

  • 8 ways to start losing weight today
  • The 28 Day Meal Plan and shopping lists
  • Dozens of recipes

Readers can take charge of their health by making smart choices.   Roadcookin’ is a roadmap to help drivers (and the people who love them) make a U-turn toward a better life.

Roadcookin’ is just $16.99 and now you can save $2.00 with promo code “dads” when you order your book from

Remember, Father’s Day is June 20th. Don’t wait until the day before!

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