Following the cross party support gathered for Fair Fuel UK on Wednesday, Tachoblog (along with he Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association) welcomes the comments made by Chancellor George Osborne that the Government is addressing the fuel duty issue.

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When questioned on BBC WM Mr Osborne commented that plans made by the previous Chancellor, Alistair Darling to increase fuel duty by 1p per litre, in addition to inflation, on 1 April could be addressed.  “We can override it, we are looking at that,” said Mr Osborne.

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“This is very encouraging news,” RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning told Tachoblog.  “It proves beyond doubt that the noise we have been making on this issue has not fallen on deaf ears.”  However, he continued, “a duty freeze in April can only be regarded as a short term fix.

“If we are to stand any chance of long term growth it is essential that we see a long term solution to this problem.”

Speaking to Tachoblog, FTA Chief Executive Theo de Pencier commented, “We welcome Mr Osborne’s public support for scrapping the fuel duty rise but we want more than just warm words from the Chancellor for the sake of UK businesses and the country’s economic recovery.

“We look forward to seeing the small print.”

Peter Carroll & the Fair Fuel UK Campaign Team told us that, “Fair Fuel UK needs your help even more so, after the Chancellor’s comments today!

“Please ask your friends and contacts to add their support by signing up at

“There’s only 55 days to the Budget and the planned massive 23p per gallon hike in fuel prices.  We are campaigning to stop that rise.

“Our support is growing fast – but we need more!  Please forward our link – – to as many of your contacts as you can and ask them to sign up and pass it on to their contacts.  We have only a short time to build up the pressure.  Every extra signature really does help.”

Tachoblog says that if you haven’t already, get over to and sign that petition!

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