Following on from yesterday’s ‘Tanker Explodes in San Francisco‘ post, Tachoblog can bring you news of another truck that, thankfully, once again was destroyed in controlled conditions.

The UK’s Transport Research Laboratory in Berkshire has rigged up a 7.5 tonne lorry and propelled it at 50mph into a wall at an angle of 60 degrees as part of a test of anti-terrorism protection for an unnamed site outside London.

Dominic Casciani from BBC News was given access to see this experiment, the sound of which he describes as starting ‘with a whirring sound like a rollercoaster winding up to the top of its drop – and ends with the most enormous ear-splitting crash.’

To find out more, you can read his article ‘Testing the terror truck bombs‘ by using the link. Or, if you prefer, view his filmed repot below.