We started this week by showing you some more of the pictures that Edibledawg had sent Tachoblog for last week’s View From The Cab and now it’s time we posted some more.

If you haven’t seen them yet, then check out part one of this series otherwise you’ll be joining us mid-trip.

Edibledawg11 427x318

We start part two at a rest area in Eagle, Colorado.  Edibledawg had to stop and walk his dog, so he took some pictures.  He says that ‘there is a nice stream that runs beside parking area & you can see that it’s frozen over’.

Edibledawg21 427x318

Now click below for more…

Edibledawg31 427x318

Edibledawg41 427x318

We stay in Colorado but move on to the Glenwood Springs Canyon (we’re on I-70 West if you really want to know).

Edibledawg51 427x318

Edibledawg61 427x318

Edibledawg71 427x318

Edibledawg8 427x318

According to Edibledawg, ‘this section has always been gorgeous. It was specially engineered to follow the contours of the river and canyon, so as not to take away from the beauty of the landscape. Absolutley stunning.’  He also apologises that his pictures don’t do it justice but we beg to differ!

Edibledawg9 427x318

Edibledawg10 427x318

Edibledawg111 427x318

Edibledawg12 427x318

We’ll have more from Edibledawg and his trip from Kansas City to Vernon (Los Angeles), California soon.