We’re at the end of our series of View From The Cab specials where we’ve gone along for a ride with Edibledawg as he journeys from Kansas City to Vernon (Los Angeles), California.

Today we’ll get to California, but if you’ve missed Part One and Part Two, use the links to see what we’ve seen.

But before we reach Los Angeles we begin at the Eagle Travel Stop in Cameo, Colorado.

EdibleDawg1 427x318

EdibleDawg2 427x318

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Edibledawg says (and we do agree) that this ‘is a beautiful truck stop. The cliffs are right behind the parking spaces’.

EdibleDawg3 427x318

EdibleDawg4 427x318

He’s made it to California!  This windmill farm is on I-10 and Edibledawg thinks it was in the Palm Springs area.  He tells us that ‘these windmills are huge and the sight is awesome’.

EdibleDawg8 427x320

EdibleDawg9 427x320

EdibleDawg10 427x320

EdibleDawg11 427x320

EdibleDawg12 427x320

EdibleDawg13 427x320

This last set of pictures come from I-15 south of Cajon Junction, and Edibledawg is almost at  San Bernardino.  He’s nearly at his ‘delivery in Vernon. So far so good and a beautiful morning, but I know what awaits me on I-10 west into town – Good ole LA traffic. So needless to say no pics. had to keep my hands on the wheel with all the crazy nuts trying to get to work.’

EdibleDawg14 427x318

EdibleDawg15 427x318

EdibleDawg16 427x318

EdibleDawg17 427x318

EdibleDawg18 427x318

EdibleDawg19 427x318

And that’s it.  Tachoblog’s thanks to Edibledawg for sending in his pictures.  We’ll have more pictures in View From The Cab on Friday.