In last week’s View From The Cab, we welcomed Edibledawg to the Tachoblog Tribe.

Those of you that read that post – and you all did didn’t you! – will have discovered that Edibledawg sent us far too many pictures for us to use all of them in the post.

But there’s no way we won’t going to use them so, as promised, here’s part one of a View From The Cab Special, where we join Edibledawg as he journeys from Kansas City to Vernon (Los Angeles), California.

We’ll be going through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

First off we join him just after he’s spent the night at a Scenic View, mm203, I-70 West, near Frisco, Colorado and woke up to this great view.

Scenic View1 427x318

Now click below for more…

Scenic View2 427x320

Scenic View3 427x320

Scenic View4 427x320

Scenic View5 427x320

These next pictures were taken Vail, Colorado.

For some reason Edibledawg apologises for ‘for not getting pics in Vail’ as he was, quite understandably, concentrating on his driving through the weekend congestion caused by the skiers. Oh and the Vail local police were keeping a watch.

Edibledawg says ‘it was a beautiful day. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to vacation here instead of just passing through’.

Vail1 427x318

Vail2 427x318

Vail3 427x318

Vail4 427x318

Vail5 427x318

Vail6 427x318

Vail7 427x318

We’ll have more from Edibledawg and his travels later this week.

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