Eddie Stobart lovers rejoice! The company has just released its latest Eddie Stobart Fleet List, the ‘holy grail’ for Eddie Spotters.

To get the latest Eddie Stobart Fleet List, you need to be in the Stobart Members Club – don’t worry Tachoblog will tell you how!

Stobart Members Club 427x104

For Tachoblog readers that don’t live in the UK, Eddie Stobart is one of the largest fleets in the country and has a vertitable army of fans.

Every Eddie Stobart truck is given a name which is printed on the vehicle.

One favourite pastime for fans, and those on long journeys, is to note down the names of the trucks seen.  Hence the name Eddie Spotters for those that try and see as many as they can.

Now click below for more on the new Eddie Stobart Fleet List…

But how does an Eddie Spotter know how many trucks he has to see and what all the names actually are?

Simple, they have a copy of the Eddie Stobart Fleet List or, to give it its correct title, the Eddie Stobart 2011 Spotter’s Handbook.

Eddie Stobart Fleet List 427x301

The Eddie Stobart Fleet List is only available to the Stobart Members Club so you’ll need to join first if you aren’t already a member.

Happy Eddie Spotting!