With low emissions high on the Government’s agenda, Eagle Couriers is sending its drivers back to school to ensure a greener, safer driving fleet.

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The company says that it  has always had a strong policy when it comes to environmentally friendly driving and after a recent government announcement introducing a low emissions zone in central London, they took the decision to enrol their drivers on a special green driving course.

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Couriers from the firm have undertaken the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (Safed) course designed to make van and HGV drivers safer on the road, while at the same time improve the fuel efficiency of their driving, helping cut back on emissions.

While Eagle Couriers may not primarily operate in London, Jerry Stewart, Director of the firm believes the announcement should act as a reminder that all firms who use the road on a day to day basis should take responsibility for their own green credentials.

Speaking to Tachoblog he said, “This kind of training is very important for any business in our industry. Becoming more fuel efficient is not only good for the environment, but is also beneficial to business bottom line, as we will ultimately be saving more money on fuel.

“Where possible our drivers use shorter routes and drive at the optimum speed for fuel efficiency, helping us not only reduce our fuel emissions but also ensure that our drivers make deliveries on time.

“As well as this we ensure that all our vehicles are fully optimised and maintained regularly to ensure reduced fuel consumption. The EU industry standard for vehicles currently sits at Euro 3 and all vehicles in our fleet rest above that at a Euro 4 standard.

“We send our drivers into the London low emissions zones on a regular basis so we are clear that green standards are heavy on the government’s agenda and who’s to say that we shouldn’t expect something similar in Scotland.

“We’re proud to be regarded as Scotland’s leading independent courier firm and have worked hard to maintain this reputation, Pursuing initiatives like the Safed course means that we are doing everything we can to sustain our position at the forefront of the courier industry for many years to come.”

The Safed course was launched by Government in 2003 in order to improve driver safety and introduce fuel saving benefits to companies.

As part of the course drivers will develop a more environmentally friendly way of driving cutting fuel emissions by up to 10%.