Nice tyre shot says Tachoblog! Can’t be easy to make an interesting picture out of some round rubber, but this has done the trick.

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So what’s this all about then?  Well, Tachoblog can report that operators and drivers travelling to or through Germany are now required to have mud and snow (M+S) tyres fitted to drive axles during snowy and icy conditions following a revision to the existing law in the European country.

The new regulation, which came into effect on 4 December 2010, stipulates that all buses with more than eight seats and all commercial vehicles over 3.5-tonnes be fitted with M+S tyres when roads are covered with ice, hard-packed snow and slush.

Taxchoblog was alerted to this by Continental who say that if you use their  existing winter range of tyres, called Scandinavia, then you’ll be fine as they all bear the M+S marking on the sidewall.

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For trucks, the HDW 2 tyre provides the operator with maximum grip and control on slippery road surfaces especially when used with Scandinavia tyres for steer and trailer axles. The HSW 2 Coach is an all-round winter tyre for the coach market and features numerous sipes that delivers better traction versus summer tyres in the snow or on icy roads.

Speaking to Tachoblog, Dr Hans-Joachim Nikolin, head of Commercial Vehicle Tyres division at Continental, said: “Operators will benefit from the fact that German legislators have defined more clearly which tyres are suitable for winter and when they should be used.

“Following our extensive series of tests, we would recommend fitting special winter tyres like Scandinavia on all axles depending on the load and truck assignment. As early as 40km/h (25mph), these tyres reduce the braking distance on icy surfaces by almost the length of a truck.”

Jill Rodgers, Marketing Manager Commercial Products at Continental UK, told Tachoblog, “Legislation on winter tyres varies widely across Europe and it is essential that operators check what the requirements are before undertaking their journey.

“This can be done using Continental’s online Winter Tyre Guide, which provides the latest information on current tyre legislation in the EU”.

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