This beast is Mike Ryan’s Pikes Peak Freightliner which sports the ‘Gulf Oil’ light blue and orange popularised by 1970s Lemans and Sebring race cars.

Mike Ryan Pikes Peak Freightliner Truck 427x308

It doesn’t just look special either.  The engine is  a 14.7L, 1950-hp, Series 60 Detroit Dieselwith a Borg Warner turbo-compound system, developed by John Todd at BD Turbo in Vancouver.

All this power gets to the wheels via a ZF Ecomat 5-speed auto box.

Now click below to see the truck in action.

Despite what you might think having watched the video below,  Mike admits to being new at drifting on tarmac, but says he’s ‘starting to get it.

Goodness only knows what he’ll be like when he does ‘get it’ says Tachoblog!