If you have a digital tachograph card issued before 26 August 2006 then be warned that it will stop working 24 hours before its expiry date.

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Digital tachograph cards have a microchip in them that works for five years before requiring replacement.

The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is warning that if your card was issued before August 2006, it will stop working 24 hours before the printed expiry date.

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Speaking to Tachoblog, the DVLA said,  “The affected cards will show as invalid for the day and will be treated as malfunctioning. There is no need to notify the DVLA.”

DVLA advises that on the ‘invalid’ day, drivers should take a print out of their activity from the vehicle unit and keep this, with their expired card, for four weeks.

Employers must then keep the print out for at least a year – and two if they’re using them to comply with the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations.

If you are one of the affected card holders, Tachoblog says that you can take some comfort from the fact that you’re not alone as it’s believed that this ‘issue’ affects some 65,000 driver cards and 14,000 company cards