Daimler Trucks North America has presented two new heavy-duty Class 8 trucks.  The updated Freightliner Coronado for on-highway use and the Freightliner Coronado Severe Duty (SD) for  applications such as construction sector or municipalities.

freightliner 1

The two Freightliner trucks are available with all-new engines from Detroit Diesel, a subsidiary of DTNA. The engine models DD13, DD15 and DD16 have outputs ranging from 261 kW to 447 kW and meet the future EPA 2010 emissions standard, thanks to BlueTec diesel technology.

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“BlueTec-equipped engines deliver a fuel economy improvement of up to five percent compared to EPA 2007 engines and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions more than 80 percent,” said Martin Daum, President and CEO of DTNA to Tachoblog. “By employing the SCR system, DTNA is benefiting from the experience obtained with Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses in Europe. Nearly 250,000 of these trucks and buses have been driven on Europe’s roads since BlueTec was introduced in 2005, and they have demonstrated their fuel efficiency and reliability.”

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Fuel efficiency was also improved by means of enhanced aerodynamics, because the Freightliner Coronado was designed and tested in DTNA’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel. “The aerodynamic precision work, coupled with the latest in clean engine technology, enhances overall efficiency, enabling our customers to reduce fuel costs and increase bottom line profits,” said Michael D. Jackson, General Manager of Marketing for DTNA when speaking to Tachoblog. All aspects of the on-highway Freightliner Coronado are designed for continuous use and operation so that breakdowns and downtimes are kept to a minimum.

The second new truck, the Freightliner Coronado SD, was designed for severe-duty vocational applications, such as in the construction sector or municipalities. The Freightliner Coronado SD combines the durability and dependability of the previous severe-duty model with the driver comfort and style synonymous with the new Coronado. The use of new materials like aluminum and fiberglass also contributes to the truck’s high efficiency and payloads.

Nearly 65,000 Class 8 heavy-duty trucks were sold in the U.S. in July 2009. DTNA’s market share for Class 8 trucks in July was 32 percent, compared to 30.5 percent in July 2008. Despite the difficult economic situation, DTNA was therefore able to gain additional market share in the Class 8 segment in the U.S.