In May last year, DAF Trucks Russia opened  its own marketing and sales office in Moscow with the main objective to enlarge its presence on the Russian market.

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With the expansion of the DAF Trucks Russia network to thirteen Sales & Service Dealers, the start of a PACCAR Parts Distribution centre and the delivery of more than 3,000 trucks since May 2011, DAF Trucks Russia has made a successful start .

With the fast growing Russian truck market, the interest in West-European trucks is also strongly increasing. The expectation is that by 2015 more than 36,000 will be registered in the heavy truck segment compared with 26,000 in 2011.

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“With more than 1,500 trucks delivered, DAF has achieved a market share of 6.9% in 2011 among the European brands,” Arie Hendrikx, Managing Director DAF Trucks Russia, told Tachoblog.

“This year we are aiming for a 10% market share which corresponds to about 2,700 trucks.”

DAF Trucks supplies the Russian market with the XF105 Space Cab for long-haul transport:

“In Russia the XF is known as the truck that combines low fuel consumption with high driver comfort, efficiency and reliability,” says Hendrikx. “To build on our market position, we are currently investigating the possibility of also introducing the DAF LF and CF.”

At the beginning of 2011, the dealer network consisted of DAF Trucks Sales & Service Dealers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and DAF Service dealers in Ekaterinburg and Smolensk.

During the last twelve months DAF has established eleven new Sales & Service Dealers on the Russian market with the long-term aim of having more than twenty full dealerships at its disposal.

“We continuously work on expanding our network to provide our customers in the best service possible. We now have new DAF dealers in Moscow, South-Russia, the Urals and the Volga region in the centre of the country. Later this year we expect to add new dealer locations in East-Russia, South-Russia and Siberia to the network.”

To provide in maximum service, PACCAR Parts has established its own parts distribution centre (PDC) near Moscow. Hendrikx, “A customer requires maximum utilization of his trucks. The optimal availability of DAF parts in combination with short delivery times play an essential role here.”