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Currie European Buy 35 New DAFs – Tachoblog Has The News

Currie European – One of the largest UK-based international transport operators – has renewed a portion of its truck fleet with the arrival of 35 new DAF XF105s.

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14 FTG 460hp tractor units and 21 FTG 510hp models as replacements for Currie European’s three-year old DAF CFs.

Speaking to Tachoblog, Alister Cook, Group Operations Director at Currie European, said, “We have always run DAF trucks in our fleet and over the years they have always proven to be reliable, fuel efficient and popular vehicles”.

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“Our fleet replacement policy means that vehicles are changed or upgraded every three years and with several key contract wins we’ve taken the decision to renew with the bigger XF.

“So far we have seen an improvement in fuel consumption versus the replacement vehicles and we fully expect further gains as the trucks bed-in. Driver retention is a major consideration for Currie European, hence why we’ve chosen the high specification vehicles”.

Currie European has specified a mixture on Space Cabs and Super Space cabs on the newcomers, which helps to reduce road noise during transit. Every DAF cab features ample storage space and drivers are afforded maximum comfort thanks to ultra-wide bunk beds.

The 44-tonne FTG mid-lift axle models all come fitted with DAF’s AS-Tronic automated manual transmission, which is helping to deliver further fuel efficiency gains in tandem with both 460hp and 510hp Euro-5 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engines.

Mr Cook continues, “Rising fuel costs are a major concern for most transport operators, however, DAFs have always been great at returning optimum revenue per mile.

“For further gains in fuel efficiency we use Masternaut vehicle telematics software for assessing fuel consumption, excessive idling, vehicle tracking and accurate ETAs. A further consideration for choosing the XF in this configuration is their good residual value when it comes time to trade-in”.

Each new Currie European DAF is expected to cover 160,000km per year and will complement the company’s 115-strong fleet of trucks.

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