As Tachoblog reported last week, TV Motoring Journalist Quentin Willson yesterday went to College Green, opposite the House of Commons, to present MPs with letters from the Fair Fuel UK Campaign.

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MPs from Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties yesterday joined leading industry bodies in asking the Government for a fairer deal on fuel.

Along with Quentin, The Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association presented MPs Philip Davies (Conservative), Stephen Lloyd (Lib Dem), Nick Smith (Labour) and Alan Reid (Scottish Liberal Democrat) with over 600 letters addressed to all MPs urging for the April fuel duty rise to be scrapped.

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Speaking to Tachoblog, Mr Davies said, “The high price of fuel is crippling not only hauliers, but the general motorist. We’re all here today to try and bring about some pressure on the government to reduce the duty on fuel.

“I hope the Chancellor is listening to the concerns people are expressing; given that two thirds of the cost of a litre of fuel is tax, the onus is on him to reduce duty.”

Theo de Pencier, FTA’s CEO, told Tachoblog, “We know that the Treasury needs to fill its coffers somehow, but hitting businesses in the pocket by increasing fuel duty yet again is going to do irreparable damage to our economy and could sound the death knell for companies up and down the UK.

“It would be sheer folly to pile on more pressure when many transport operators are already feeling the strain. It is very important to ensure that the policy makers are aware of these implications and we were encouraged by the response we got.”

From the RHA, Chief Executive Geoff Dunning said, “This was all about bringing our fight to the seat of political power. We are confident that we have got our message across to MPs; we now want to see some results, starting with a consensus of political support for a fairer deal on fuel duty in the UK.

“We don’t just want a short term fix – we are desperately seeking a long term solution.”

As Tachoblog previously blogged, Quentin Wilson has fully endorsed the Campaign’s aim and objectives from the perspectives of business and the motorist alike. He told us, “If something isn’t done soon, it will de-stabilise the whole economy. If the Chancellor persists with the April duty rise, the irony is that any receipts it brings in will be wiped out by the fact that people will travel less and spend less.”

The Fair Fuel UK Campaign has also been backed by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association and the Builders Merchants Federation.

The FairFuelUK petition has now collated over 24,000 signatures, with another 30,000 estimated following the download of 1,500 petition forms, each with space for 20 signatures.
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