Yesterday Tachoblog reported on the concept Unimog that the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks (MBS) unit had produced to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog – the ‘beast’ you can see below.

34A4586 427x284

Yesterday we only had the one picture of the incredible concept Unimog but thanks to the wonderful Rob and Caroline from the Mercedes-Benz Press Office, we now have some more pictures for you.  Like this one.

34A4576 427x284

Now click below for more concept Unimog pictures…

34A4360 427x284

Now Tachoblog apologises that we don’t know who the various Daimler luminaries gathered around the concept Unimog are – if you do then please let Tachoblog know – so you’ll have to make do with just admiring the concept Unimog – not that that is too difficult!


34A4365 427x284

Whilst it is, let’s be honest, almost certain that the concept Unimog will never enter production, Tachoblog can reveal that it really does work and isn’t just some mock-up.

34A4383 427x284

Oh, look out for Tachoblog’s Unimog 60th Jubilee post that we’ll be publishing over the next few days.