Do you have an Analogue Tachograph either in your vehicle or fleet?  If you do then you want to listen to Steve Williams – the oracle of all things compliance – from TruckUK.

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“Although it may not seem a major issue in the bigger scheme of things and especially in the week of the budget, please be aware that British Summer Time begins in the early hours of this Sunday morning – 25th March 2012.”
Now click below for how to change the time on an analogue tachograph…
“So if you have an analogue tachograph to record daily driving periods you must ensure that the clock on any analogue tachograph is moved forward by one hour before inserting an analogue tachograph chart at any time after 1.00am on Sunday morning of 25th March 2012.
“Digital tachograph vehicle units are not affected, as they will continue to record drivers hours throughout each and every year using Universal Time Co-ordinated time, which is the same as Greenwich Mean Time.
“However, if a driver would like to see the correct local time shown on the face of the digital tachograph vehicle unit this is possible, but not a legal requirement.
“They need to remember that should they set the local time on the vehicle unit, if they make a print out during British Summer Time the printout will normally continue to show the record in UCT/GMT.
“Below is an A4 pdf document that can be pinned up in the drivers room to remind them of the time change.
“There is also another 2 sided A4 pdf document that may be of use if you are asked (yet again) how to change the local time on a digi!”
Thanks Steve and here are the documents he mentions.