Climb to the Clouds is a hill climb that takes place up the Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire.  Usually contested by cars, Mike Ryan decided to pilot his 10,000 lbs, 1,950 twin turbocharged horsepower Freightliner Cascadia up the extremely steep and narrow mountain road.

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Mike Ryan - Photo by Ben Haulenbeek

We’ve featured Mike and his incredible Cascadia before, when he’s ‘learning’ to drift it – if you missed that then you can see Mike’s Drift Gymkhana here.

Now it’s one thing driving on the flat, but entering a truck into the Climb to the Clouds is another thing altogether.

In the video, you can see Mike’s amazing talent and the commitment it takes to drive up the Climb to the Clouds extremely steep and narrow mountain road.

Mike posted the 27th fastest time in Climb to the Clouds, a jaw dropping 8.02.65

Given that you, like Tachoblog, weren’t at this year’s Climb to the Clouds, you’ll love this video of his Gulf Oil liveried Semi streaking up the mountain course.

So grab a coffee and Climb to the Clouds with Mike, his Freightliner (and Tachoblog).