‘What’s your view on American iron?’ Ted Connolly, Editor of the hallowed UK publication that is Classic and Vintage Commercials asks Tachoblog readers.

‘Some die-hard Brit truck fans say that if it isn’t a Foden, ERF, Atkinson, Scammell or whatever then it doesn’t exist. I’ve got an open mind and like the whole bunch.

scammell 427x283

Scammell Highwayman can rarely be bettered for classic lines, brawn and sheer character. Check out the name on the side – this picture was not chosen by Ted for any biased reasons.

‘The bonneted Scammells, for example, are absolutely splendid. They’re the darling of the fairground fraternity and, let’s be honest, there isn’t much around with as much character. They are, in short, extremely handsome bruisers. Brawn and character – perhaps the Oliver Reed of the classic truck world.’

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‘Anyhow, it’s just something I’d like to hear your opinions about.

‘I have heard American trucks referred to as all manner of things – some are unprintable – but a common term is “septic tank”, rhyming with Yank, of course, and oh so rude. But let’s get matters into perspective, I was at a major show a while back and attempted to take a photo of a Peterbilt. It took me 20 minutes and that was nothing to do with poor light or a shaking hand – I had to wait that long for the crowd to clear.

kenworth 427x284

Some love them, some hate them, but you just cannot ignore a big Yank truck.

‘Don’t worry, Classic and Vintage Commercials is as true as ever to the greats of the British trucking industry, but come on, some of that American tinware sure is impressive. I remain, ladies and gentleman, classically yours and your obedient servant.’

Thanks for that Ted.  So, what do you think?   Answers on a postcard (well, comment on this post!) please.

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