Tachoblog has a poster called LowKat from the forum at The Jalopy Journal to thank for these excellent pictures.

What we appear to have here is the forerunner to today’s Monster Truck / Truckfest type shows.

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Tachoblog doesn’t know what the trucks are, or when and where these pictures were taken – can anyone enlighten us? But they’re certainly good shots.

Click below for more classic crazyness…

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Two wheels seems to have been popular.

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This one looks like it’s surely going to roll.

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There’s no way they’d allow the crowd to sit so close these days – especially with trucks doing this kind of thing.

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Up she goes.

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All this two-wheel action reminds Tachoblog of an old UK truck TV commercial that was shown in the 70′s or 80′s but we can’t remember anything more than that.  Time to get Googling we think – we’ll report back as soon as we can.

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