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Classic TNT motors from John H. Enjoy a real trip down memory lane to Atherstone.

John Hodges is clearly a man after my own heart..” I’m on hols today,and thought I would do something useful!” And naturally he’s sent Biglorryblog some great photos. “The TNT pictures are for Graham Bellman to smile at!” And me too John as I remember plenty of these cracking TNT motors…
John continues: “Graham (keep it simple) Bellman i am sure would have liked one of these Scania 112s (pictured at the top) instead of his Marathon,The simple and reliable parcel truck,or  a 19.332 wide cab MAN—these were the start of the very quiet and very easy trucks to drive.” John I remember a long time ago travelling up to Atherstone and driving an MAN like this with a ‘rare as hen’s teeth’ Eaton AMT (note NOT an SAMT based on the Twin Spiltter but a US-derived full auto two pedall box). I drove it up and down the A5 to the M1 and had a whale of a time too. And is that a VW LT45 in the back?.
An ERF! Now you’re cooking with gas John “….or this E14. These were a lot of the drivers’ choices at the time and were probably quicker than most diesel cars!”
“If you had enough cash you could have had one of these,” says John, “A BAE 146 ‘quiet trader’.Ha.Ha,” That line-up at Atherstone brings back fond memories of CM Economy runs when you were one of the ‘scrutineering team’ John. Seems like centuries ago when there were no e-mails and no mobile phones! Now click through here for a real oldie…
“This is for AtkiPete,” says John adding, “This is the sister lorry (as there was no such thing as ‘trucks’ then)of which my late father drove. I believe it had a 120 Gardner in it,as the 150 wasn’t born then.” And it provides me with a great opportunity for pie quiz too…so what’s the year and the model?
“And one for you Brian—a diploma from ROSPA,awarded to my father for safe driving of a mechanically-propelled vehicle in 1943. I believe the vehicle to be a Maudslay Meritor.(this is a scanned copy of the original) I have some more up until 1948.I hope these are some use to you,” John, they’re great and  I love the line-up of classic 80s and early 90s TNT artics!

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